Nurses and midwives

This week I had the pleasure of creating a celebration cookie box for a retiring midwife.

My brief was a navy uniform, a stork and that she is a great advocate of breastfeeding. Other than that I have a free reign to do any design I wish.

I love the design element of my cookie business. The research keeps my brain stimulated and the cookie baking and decorating is calm and enjoyable at my own pace.

My iPad is very often on charge as I reach for it to research about a kind of uniform, a car, train, plane etc.

This week I have been asked to create a large thank you box for a chemotherapy nurse from a cancer patient and her family. It will be a pleasure.

There is so much content for occupation Cookie Boxes and I look forward to each and every one.

So here’s the retirement box for you.

Til next time!


Emergency Services

Last weekend I attended the Lives Funfest at Little Grimsby.

Lives is a brilliant device that relies upon volunteers and donations to get first responders out to people who are ill and this event was the first. The organisers should be proud of what they achieved as running an event on this scale is hard work for months and months before and full on during the day of the event. I know I ran a carnival and horticultural show for a year or two!

The first response team in our village are also supported by our Firemen and they attended when my Dad had a heart attack. I can only say they were brilliant.

Locally we also have volunteer coastguards who keep people safe along our Lincolnshire coast. Dedication!

Doctors and Nurses are also vital and saying thank you goes a long way.

I have developed a range of thank you boxes for the emergency services and any other healthcare professional and it is often a welcome gift to those who are underpaid or volunteers to know they are appreciated.

I hope in the near future to be in a position to offer my own emergency service and have a range of celebration boxes ready to add personalised message that can be posted on your behalf within 24 hours of receiving the order so if you have forgotten a birthday, anniversary or just want to say thanks you can rest assured this will happen right away.

After all we do now live in a world where sometimes we need things doing now!

Take a look at some of the boxes below and look out for a new midwife box next month!

Special gifts for special people

Do you regularly forget birthdays or other celebrations or end up running around at the last minute trying to find something suitable?
Why not let me help?
Go through your diary, tell me about your forthcoming celebrations and I will make you unique and special cookie boxes especially for your loved ones.
Tell me a bit about what makes them special and I will includes what they love in the box.
I will invoice you via PayPal and you pay 7 days before each box is needed and voila! You're sorted and they love you and the celebration cookie box.
Here are a few celebrations I can help with

Cakes, cakes and more cakes!

It’s been the busiest time for cake orders and I’ve had a ball designing Cakes personal to the celebration. 

I love to find out about the recipient, what their hobbies are, favourite colours, lifestyle, pets etc. In fact anything that stirs creativity. Unless it’s requested you won’t find me doing ordinary. I need the brain stimulation to fill my day after all there’s only so much radio chat that you can take!

My first cake for a 40th birthday celebration was for a lady who has a b&b and I took inspiration from the farm stay website and themed the sides of the cake to their own photos. 

Second was a christening cake for a beautiful baby. This time the mummy sent me a picture of a cake she liked and I created my interpretation of that design. The third cake was for a golfing Dad who was turning 80. 

My portfolio is growing steadily especially with celebration cookie boxes and I’m thinking I really need to start sorting out my website properly and so I think a call to a friend who does this for a living is not far away. 

Here are a few images 

Gainsborough Old Hall

Today I am at Gainsborough Old Hall in Lincolnshire exhibiting my celebration cookies at the craft and vintage fair in amongst the wonderful artefacts and furniture and costumes. 

I am in the solar room which I am told is also known as the lord and ladies chamber and a room where they could seek solace. In the middle of the room is a huge four poster bed so if I need a lay down I’m all set!

The 3 other traders are lovely like minded people (as all crafters are) and have some lovely products. A hand sewn toy stall,  a lady who makes pretty bows for children and a hand dyed silk ties and scarves lady. 

The people who have come in so far have been very positive about the cookies and the idea is to get the word spread amongst people. The foot fall so far has been good. I am here for the next 3 days. 

Father’s Day approaches

This week I have been working on some ideas for Cookie Boxes for Father’s Day and here are some of the results. 

My dad wasn’t a golfer but he did love gardening so I guess there is some inspiration there from him. And the robin is special and is said to bring messages from loved ones in heaven. I’d like to think that was true. 

The tool set works well for a DIY dad. 

This weekend I wilL be at Gainsborough Old Hall for a vintage and craft fair which I am looking forward to. 

Building my cake portfolio from scratch

As a new business I had only very old pictures to show off my work. 

So I have had to start afresh taking photos of everything I bake and create. I am no photographer but am learning that different angles are important to show off the detail in the work. I am taking on almost every job just so that I can build my portfolio to gain more customers. I am also keeping the overal selling cost down so I gain as many opportunities as possible which in one way is not sound business sense as it means I am working for a lesser figure than the work is worth but I would rather have the chance of doing the work to build on experience and reputation than lose the job because of a high price tag. Any business with the luxury of a full order book can surely demand the right price for the creativity eventually?

The means of sharing via blog; social media and newsletters via email makes building a portfolio much easier but I have to make sure I have enough storage for so many photos and that there is long term storage with no risk of losing them. 

I need to look at ideas for a cake and cookie photo booth that is easily set up when I need it or set up all the time so will be looking for better ideas than my improvised set up of white sheets!

This week I have done a lovely make up cake for a sweet sixteen year old and a fizzy sweet extravaganza for a 15 year old and I hope you like the ideas. 

Why research is so important and such fun!

This week I had the task of creating cookies for a thank you gift for a young lady who has been doing work experience in the local hospital so I set about designing cookies with a medical and surgical feel. This week I have also mastered a lovely gluten free cookie dough which was useful twice this week. 

This box said thank you but could also be used as a retirement gift for a Doctor or Nurse; a new job; a birthday and the list seems endless. 

Which made me turn my attention to occupations – Dentists, vets, mechanics and again an endless list. 

I continually research the themes my customers give me and really enjoy this research striving for the perfect gift and the look of pleasure in their eyes is enough to know it was all worthwhile. 

In addition it was Matthews birthday, a friend’s grandson and he apparently loves Paw Patrol. Never heard of it or seen it but again research was vital to get the little hero dogs for his cake. Loves doing this and I’m told he loved it!

Attention to detail is very important and this is what I hope will set my product above the bar.

Thank you so much!

Last Wednesday my business launch was a huge success with more than 75 people enjoying a variety of cakes and taking a look at what I can create. 

I was overwhelmed by the support I received both on the night and in the 7 days that followed and have been really busy fulfilling orders taken on the night. 

I cannot thank my family enough for their help and support both on the night and forever!

This week I have had the pleasure of creating a celebration cookie box for Alec who is 100 years old this week and as my customer said. What do you get a man who is 100!

 Well Cookies of course!

Here are a few pictures from this week

Thanks for everyone’s support ❤️

again for the support x

Business Launch – 3 days to go!

Easter was really busy and last week gave me chance to do some planning for Cake Fest part of the East Lindsey So Festival. I have been accepted to bake North Somercotes Twin Chapels which will be placed on an edible map in Skegness on Sunday July 2nd. 

I am excited to be doing this to put our village on the map so to speak. 

Planning also for the business launch. What cakes to make: what shopping I need to get: 

Will anyone come? That’s my worry! I hope that at least my family and friends will come along to support me. Scary stuff!

This week a couple of cake orders a Rolls Royce and a Circus Tent for a special young man. Biscuits for a baby shower and the last of my Easter orders. Now planning a sapphire wedding anniversary celebration cookie box and a box for a sweet 6 year olds birthday. 

Fingers crossed for a great night on Wednesday 🤞🏻