Spring is in the air…. the birds, the bees and new babies!

There is nothing like welcoming a new baby into the world and these days parents to be or their friends like to celebrate with a baby shower.

A lovely afternoon tea party, plenty of cake and games to perhaps guess the gender of the new baby ( or babies) are great fun.

A lovely baby related cookie flavour is just the thing to say thank you to your guests.

My new baby range is coming together and will be available shortly but I thought you might like to see a sneak preview of the lovely cookies produced for this weeks baby shower as well as some of the baby related cookie boxes recently posted to new Mums and Dads.

As well as before the baby arrives my cookie boxes make a great present for new parents, grandparents and even godparents.

In a range of sizes from individual cookies with a special message to small, medium and large boxes Cookie Doodle Doo cookies are perfect personalised biscuits sending that special message to loved ones.

Watch out Or the full collection to be launched on Facebook and Instagram @cookiedoodledoo1

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