Don’t send a card… send a cookie card!

How many times have you got to the day (or the day before ) someone’s birthday or another significant celebration and realised you have forgotten to send them a card and present?

Well Cookie Doodle Doo has the answer.

You can send a cookie card to your loved one that is bespoke and personalised and looks like you have put so much thought into the little gift.

It can be sent direct to the birthday girl (or boy) with a small gift card with your own message and it is guaranteed to raise a smile when the postman arrives with the cookie card from Cookie Doodle Doo.

With several options to choose from at only £5.00 each plus postage cookie cards won’t break the bank and do solve a problem as they can be ready to go in a matter of a couple of days if necessary.

If you’re super organised you can book your cookie cards all at the same time and be invoiced monthly so you only have to think about it once.

Take a look at some of the cookie cards available in my little Etsy Shop

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