Born into a City of Culture-a beautiful baby project.

I was asked to be part of one of the last City of Culture events which initially started on 1st January 2017 where the first baby was born. His name was Lincoln and I would guess he received a lot of media coverage.

The project aimed to take an image of every baby’s footprint and create a mural in the Hull Women and Children’s Hospital. The midwives also became a part of the mural as their handprints formed the trunks and branches of the trees with the babies footprints being the leaves.

The images were then digitally put together to make the most colourful and delightful piece of artwork with postcards for every two months being sold as mementos of the end result, along with prints of the completed artwork and also canvases.

The event itself was held in The Guildhall, Hull and tickets were purchased by over 2500 families to view and purchase the items for sale.

I have never been to a more lively event. To see so many beautiful babies in one place, all different ages, shapes and sizes was a memory that will stay with me for a long time.

Midwife Sallie Ward whose idea it was did a fantastic job keeping the event ticking along and I was privileged to be asked to make the celebration cake which eventually made its way back to the hospital to be enjoyed with a cup of tea by all the staff Involved.

My stand which was a showcase of some of the ranges I have designed as celebration boxes was really well received and I spoke to so many people who were really complimentary.

Specially designed baby feet which could be personalised on the Day were sold and enjoyed.

I would like to thank everyone who made the event such a success and say it was a joy and a pleasure to be part of this.

Cookie Doodle Doo has a good range of celebration boxes made specially to celebrate babies..

New baby boxes welcome the little one, christening or naming ceremony boxes and Thank You gifts for godparents are very popular and even celebrating the 1st birthday as well.

Baby showers are also a hit for celebration cookies with many being held with an afternoon tea which is perfect with a beautifully iced biscuit in pink, blue, lemon or a lovely pastel arrangement of baby shapes with lovely words.

Thank you people of Hull for your support. I loved being part of your celebrations.

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