Cookie Doodle Doo- The new name for Celebration Cookies

It’s all in a name! A name that says what your business is all about and that is why Celebration Cookies is about to become Cookie Doodle Doo.

When I first left paid employment to become self employed I chose a generic business name Holmestead Cakes and Bakes as my trading name as this was sufficient to cover everything that I do without being specific in any particular area. Now though I need to move on and am going to be building on my successes with my bespoke and personalised biscuits.

I could not have imagined that they would be so popular and I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me along the way.

I need to stand out amongst my competitors and choosing a new name took ages. In fact it was my talented sister from Fiddley Diddley, the shop of lovely things, who eventually came up with the name.

I love chickens, even rescued some battery hens so it’s perfect for me and “does what it says on the tin”!

Cookie – the lovely vanilla biscuit

Doodle – the decoration I put on each biscuit that makes them unique

Doo – you tell me what you want and I’ll Doo it!

And a new logo on the way will have little doodled chickens in the lettering.

I will also be having a new website that you can order from a range of boxes; from an individual biscuit through to a large box..

The Ready to Go range will be a range that can be personalised and ready to post in 24-48 hours so you will no longer miss a birthday. I can also pop in a birthday card for you and send it direct to save time and create a surprise element.

Corporate gifts have been a great success for me – telling your colleagues, employees or customers that you are grateful for their support and hard work goes a long way to cement good relationships and nothing better than a lovely edible gift.

The new Facebook page is already up and running with photos being uploaded daily to show the ranges. Check out @cookiedoodledoo1


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